Sunday, August 7, 2011

My friend Tore came up with this short description for an Irish sea captain and I created the illustrations. It was such a great exercise for character design, hopefully we'll come up with more soon.
Below is Tore's description of the character.

Helmsley Tallamack

1. Seventh generation Irish Sea captain who’s afraid of swimming, and even more afraid of walking on land.
2. His first mate and most valuable crewmate is a potato, they have many conversations and arguments together.
3. He’s tall with grey hair, his left eye is blind and his right ear is deaf, and has an internal compass that’s correct roughly 2 months out of the year.
4. Believes in every type of phobia ever documented, and refuses to let his crewmen aboard without cloves of garlic around their necks.
5. Hopes to discover a woman of the sea, but realizes his wife back in Ireland is the love of his life.

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